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  • How do I look after my timber Kitchen island ???
    How you look after your piece will prolong its appearance! While laminate and other worktops become marked and damaged over time , the beauty of a wooden work surface is that, treated correctly , it could last a life time. Scratches and other damage can be sanded away and it can be returned to its former glory! Your benchtop has been sealed to resist moisture and stains but this protection can wear down over time . It is important to avoid direct heat and steam wherever possible, use heat resistant mats or stands for hot pans. Don't use harsh cleaning products , vinegar or acid based cleaners, we recommend warm soapy water or kitchen wet wipes without the ingredients mentioned above , and the more important tip is to dry the surface straightaway after cleaning or spills . Use always chopping boards for food preparation (cutting directly onto the timber bench top will damage it).If your bench top becomes damage in some way , it is possible to repair them so that they look like new again. You can often do this your self by sanding back the benchtop and reapplying a lacquer or oil that is safe for food preparation areas. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY you can always contact us to help you refresh your bench top every few years!
  • How i can propagate plants with my wall planter ???
    Devil's Ivy are the easiest option for beginners plus one of the top 10 air-filtering plants and also considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity ! These easy to care plants can go anywhere from a low light room to next to a window , they are also happy in both hanging baskets or pots and they only need to be watered weekly or so!! They are also really easy to propagate, so if you’re patient you can just buy a plant or two and propagate them all over your house! Put the new cuttings in a bigger container with water or soil and enjoy seeing them grow! Each cutting will grow its own individual vine. When they get too long just propegate again!
  • How can i see the pieces in person before purchase ???
    Our showroom is located in St kilda, Melbourne and we open at flexible times Monday to Saturday (by appoinment only) , send us an email to organize time.
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